Saturday, 26 February 2011

Look to the stars

If its nighttime when you read this i want you to look outside your window at the stars ourside before reading.

Everyone has experienced in at some point in there lives and if they haven't they are more disconnected to what life really is then they realize. What I'm talking about is when you suddenly realize its all pointless. When you take a step back and realize how insignificant you are in this word. You are only one person on a planet with almost 7 billion people and who are you to think that your special. That alone should be enough to stump most people for the briefest moments but if that doesn't then think about our position in the universe and watch any of those videos on how small we are or how big the known universe is.
Its one thing to read what i just wrote above and its another to actually think about it.
Watch this video before you read on as it will help you understand this blog and how it can change your life.

                            Pale Blue dot

You might be feeling maybe a little depressed of stunned if you watched the video properly and trully understand what it implied and thats normal but what i want you to be able to do when you watch that video is not be depress but rather empowered...

Think about what sort of impact the knowledge from that video can have on your life.  If you  keep this kind of realization of your position in the universe not to far from the front of your mind you will be able to do things that your normal self would not.

What I mean is that if there is a super hot girl or guy sitting at the bar and your feeling a bit too nervous to go and say hi, this way of thinking empowers me to go say hi. If you know that the whole being nervous thing is bullshit and superficial and means nothing in terms of the big picture they you are going to find it allot easier to go and say hi. How well you talk to them in another matter, but if your over there saying hi to someone you where not game enough to talk to normally then thats a win for you, even if you do get a polite "no thanks" you still empowered yourself.

Its not just with talking to girls or guys that this blog is about, this method of empowering yourself can be used for everything. One of the greatest things it has done for me is ground me no matter how caught up i get in the silllyness of life. If i ever catch myself stressing over something I'm able stop the stress almost instantly just by looking at the stars.

It allows me to take charge of my life and direct it how i want. It lets me see things for what they are and do things that i would not have normally done. Try it for yourself and hopefully it will help you how it has helped me.

This is only my first blog in a hopefully long series of blogs on my observations of the world.

Tips for getting into this mindset
-Look at the stars at night
-Watch some of these you-tube videos
Pale Blue dot
Size Comparison of suns
Size of the universe